Fan Etiquette

Marching Band Competitions are not the same as football games!

There are no rival teams and we do not BOO or put down the other bands. The students from every band put forth a lot of time and effort to perform for us and we should be proud of all of them. 

There is a camaraderie among the bands that not other school function can compare to. You will be amazed at the friendships that are created between the bands and encouragement that they give to each other.


There are certain rules that all fans should follow when watching the bands compete.

  1. Turn off or silence all cell phones.

    • ​These can be very distracting to the bands and those in the stand. I

    • f you must make a phone call, please leave the stands or wait to do so between performances. 

  2. ​Do not enter or leave the stands while a band is performing​.

    • This is distracting  to the other people in the stand and the judges. 

    • Each performance only lasts less than 10 minutes

  3. NO TALKING except between performances. ​