executive board members

Band Director - Sarah Shamblin



Ext 128 - Connects to Band Office  

Ext 428 - Connects to Voicemail



Sean Prónay

Presides over all Executive Board Meetings and Booster meetings, prepares an agenda for all meetings and ensures that monthly minutes are posted to the Band website and emailed to all Booster Members within five (5) business days of the meeting. Keeps the Executive Board informed on all issues and information pertaining to Band Program Activities. Works closely with the treasurer to ensure all financial reports and other required business documents are filed as necessary



Alicia Cummins

Assists the Band Director and President in representing the Membership. Acts as the Fundraising Coordinator in all aspects including - overseeing and coordinating fundraising activities, recruiting Fundraising Chairpersons, presents fundraising ideas and projected revenues to the Board and Boosters and ensures all required paperwork is filed and deadlines are being met

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Steve Kreinbrink

Responsible for managing accounts payable, Booster bank accounts, and the general ledger. Reconciles all bank statements and booster activity; prepares and presents monthly budget reports and the fiscal year budget. Maintains all financial report documentation. Works with the Bursar to receive, count, verify and deposit all money to the appropriate bank accounts, provides money for cash boxes, and ensures the filing of required financial documents.


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Kelly Wagner

Receives and posts all monies for deposit (Accounts Receivable). Track student fees and charges for all activities. Prepare and send monthly account statements, present a monthly Bursar report. Track and manage outstanding student charges and initiate alternate payment arrangements when necessary. Maintain confidentiality. Coordinate and communicate with the Treasurer to receive, count, verify and deposit all money to the appropriate account and provide money for cash boxes.


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Amie Wells

Prepare all meeting minutes and financial reports for publication to the Band website and disbursement to the booster members. Assist with vote counts and recording of results for all election meetings or voting activities.