At every competition there is a call and response type cheer the parents do from the stands. The "Caller" will get it started by yelling from field level (or sometimes the bottom of the stands) "Alright Dixie! Get on your feet!" At this time all the parents and fans will stand and follow the cheer to root our kids on to a great show. 

Caller -     GIVE ME A "D"                       Crowd - "D"

GIVE ME AN "I"                                    "WITH PRIDE"

GIVE ME AN "X"                                   "X"

GIVE ME ANOTHER "I"                       "WITH PRIDE"

GIVE ME AN "E"                                    "E"

WHAT'S THAT SPELL?                        "DIXIE"

LOUDER                                                "DIXIE"

I CAN'T HEAR YOU!                             "DIXIE"