Band Camp

What is Band Camp?

Band Camp is three weeks of intense practice that focuses on teaching the new music and formations the band will be performing for the season. It is generally 5 days a week and takes place during the the last 3 weeks of July.

  • Week 1 is considered Rookie Camp and is a jumpstart for new students and a refresher for returning members, lasting approximately 4 hours a night. New members will learn how to march, practice different techniques, and meet new people. They will learn not only from the instructors, but will learn a lot of great information from the returning marching members.

  • Week 2 consists of 8 hour days beginning at 1pm and ending at 9pm. These practices will include small group practices as well as full ensemble practices on the field. When they are in their small groups they will focus on their music similar to band class.

  • Week 3 is longest and hardest week but it is also the most rewarding. Members will attend practice for 13 hours a day with meal breaks and rest breaks throughout the day. During this week the students will continue small groups and full ensemble practice, but they will begin putting it all together as one show. They will continue perfect what they have learned, enjoy some well-deserved fun activities, and perform for the first time in a Parent/Community performance to prepare for their first competition. 

It is important that band members use their off time to PRACTICE and REST as much as possible. Marching band practices are very intense and many students may question themeselves in the beginning. They may even say they want to quit... but perseverance is key. And every student who is in the band will tell you that they are glad they didn't quit. Band has become their second family, their new favorite place to be, and they wouldn't want to be any place else. The friendships and fun you student will make during Band Camp will last a lifetime.