About Mid-States Band Association...

The Mid-States Band Association marching circuit is comprised of high school bands throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with Dayton Ohio being the central location. In order to compete in the Championship competition at the end of the season, the band must compete in at least one sanctioned show during the regular season.

Band Classification

A band's marching class is determined by the size of its members and based solely on the number of marching members (excluding color guard and drum majors)

Class A           1-29 players

Class AA         30-44 players

Class AAA       45-59 players

Class AAAA     60-89 players

Class AAAAA   90+ players

General Rules

Many competitions will have both a preliminary and final round of performances, however we may only attend shows with a single round of performances. In a preliminary performance our band will only be competing against other bands that are in the same Class as we are. During a Finals performance or if the show only has one performance we will be competing against all the bands at the competition, no matter what Class they are. 

Each band is allotted a 15 minute time slot for their show. During this time the band must be able to put all their equipment and props on the field, perform their show, and exit the field. Any time over the 15 minutes will result in penalty points added to their overall score. 

Each Band will receive a folder with the digital recordings from each judge and a evaluation sheet for each caption area.


There is a minimum of 7 judges for each competition. 

  • 3 General Effects Judges

    • Music General Effects #1 (20 points)​

    • Music General Effects #2 (20 points)

    • Visual General Effects (20 points)

  • 2 Performance Judges​

    • Music Performance (20 points)​

    • Visual Performance (20 points)

  • 2 Caption Judges​

    • Percussion Performance

    • Auxiliary Performance

    • The caption scores will not be included in the overall competition scores, but simply used to determine placement within their specific categories


For each Class or Overall in Finals

  • Best Music  (total of all music scores)

  • Best Visual  (total of all visual scores)

  • Best General Effect  (total of all general effect scores)

  • Best Field Commander  (if judged, not always given)

  • Best Auxiliary  (if judged, not always given)

  • Best Percussion  (if judged, not always given)

  • Band Placement and Scores  (given in reverse order)

Overall Award (Regardless of Class)

  • Reserve Grand Champion 

  • Grand Champion