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2014 Mid-States AAAA Grand Champions

2014 Reserved Grand Champions at Beechwood, Eastern, Simon Kenton and Centerville

2014 MEPA WinterGuard 1st Place at Centerville

2013 Mid-States Championship Reserved Grand Champions

2013 North Laurel Invitational GRAND CHAMPIONS

2013 6th place in World Indoor Percussion A Class Finals

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Congratulations to your student for helping carry on the proud and excellent tradition of the Dixie Heights High School Marching Band. As we begin a new Marching Band season each year, we are looking forward to keeping our program strong and accessible to all Dixie Height High School, Summit View and Turkeyfoot Middle School students, and as inexpensive as possible to our band student parents, grandparents and guardians. Over the years our bands have served the school as Marching Bands in regional competitions, pep bands at football and basketball games as well as winter activities including Indoor Percussion and Winter Guard; our amazing band members have won many awards, and have traveled the region and nation representing Dixie Heights High School.

To accomplish all this, the bands need an active volunteer forceŚwe need you to get involved! Please come to monthly Band Boosters meetings and volunteer your time to support band activities. Our bands have a tradition of excellence not only because of our students, staff and Director, but because generations of Dixie Heights parents, grandparents and guardians have given their time and energy.

Donĺt miss out on the fun! Please contact any Band Booster representative to learn how you can become involved. Our Band Booster meetings are held monthly during the school year and are typically located in the band room. 

Welcome to Dixie Band!! We are the Fundraising co-chairs for 2013/2014. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or questions at the following: Tammy Lawson dixiepitguardmom@gmail.com or Shelley Rigg shelleyrigg@live.com.  Dixie Band could do absolutely NOTHING without the generous help of our volunteers.

Come join in on "Dixie Heights Band Seasons of Fun" Events!!!!

Thanks to Tammy Lawson for putting the below seasonal breakdown together.  Please join in on all the fun while raising money for our band. 


SUMMER 2013 WINTER 2013/14
Amazing Race Craft Show
Yard Sale/Car Wash/Bake Sale Swing Dance
Taste of Dixie Highway Scrapbooking (2/8/14)
Restaurant Nights Restaurant Nights
FALL 2013 SPRING 2014
MixItUp / Amish Craft Show
Market Day Pie/Cookie Dough Swing Dance
Hypnotist Show Fish Fry
Restaurant Nights Restaurant Nights

Other Fundraising Opportunities










Just let Tammy or Shelley know if you or your family is interested in helping.


Eat to make money!! Throughout the year, we partner with restaurants within the Dixie Heights High School area and throughout Kenton County to host "Restaurant Nights" which allow our Band families and friends to enjoy a great meal all while supporting our band. A percentage of all purchases made during these special events is donated to the Dixie Heights Band Booster programs. This is a great way to get out and meet and mingle with the members of our Band Family in a relaxed atmosphere. Watch for announcements on our website, Facebook page, and via Twitter.
This year we will be dining with some great local restaurants. When you visit them on our "Restaurant Night" or any time, please thank them for supporting our band.

Here are some of the participating restaurants


 GFS Marktplace

Help your Dixie Band reach our fund raising goals when you buy the groceries your family needs. Membership is free, just sign up for their Fun Funds card by clicking HERE.



Greetings, Dixie Band families,

The new Kroger fundraiser program is directly tied to your Kroger Plus
card. No more gift cards. It's about the Plus cards now. What you
spend on Kroger groceries automatically pays the band a percentage,
with no extra steps. To participate, you'll have to register your
Plus card number linking it to the Dixie Band.

1. Go to Kroger website www.krogercommunityrewards.com:

2. Click on Create an Account.
3. Follow the directions to activate your account through your email address.
4. Login in your account, then:
     a. Click Community Rewards.
     b. Edit Community Rewards.
     c. Enter our organization number 82020.
     d. Click Search.
     e. Click Dixie.
     f. Click Save.

You're done! Kroger will pay a portion of your store purchases to the
band automatically every time you swipe your Plus card.

(Do you use your phone number at the register? Call 800-576-4377,
select option 4 to get your Kroger Plus card number.)

Thanks for participating in the Kroger Community Rewards fundraiser
program! This has been a good source of passive income for the band.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me.


Michelle Niklas

Camden Clark's mom

email mjnik76@gmail.com

Cell 859-445-2005


Remke biggs's

We did this last year, and we made about $2,000.  This one's easy.

Here's how it works.

1.  Get a gift card from me for Remke biggs

2.  Go to the store to do your shopping.  Right before you ring your order at the cashier, tell the cashier you want to load money onto your gift card.  Estimate how much your order is and load that amount onto your card by telling the cashier that's what you want to do. Let's say your order is about $50, for example.  The cashier rings up your order, and you pay for your order with the $50 you just put on your gift card.  Why do it?  The band gets 4% back!

3.  Get as many gift cards as you want, for example, Mr. & Mrs. each carry cards, grandparents, anybody who wants to use a gift card and support the band.  If you give gift cards to people for gifts, like at the holidays, or if you pay somebody in cash, for example a cleaning lady, you can give them a gift card.  We don't need the cards back. We can get new cards easily.

4.  The Remke program used to be way different. 

5.  Remke card good at the food store, but not for Speedway.  Not yet anyway.

6.  Fine print:  Once these cards have value, once you load money onto them, they never expire.  So come and see Benita!  I'm Louis' mom; I drive a white minivan.  I'm in the parking lot on Monday and Tuesday nights.  I'll give some of the cards to Joyce if you see her first. This is easy money...



We would like to add additional lettering and logos to the sides of our trailers. Additional funds are needed. Funds raised from the Sponsorship program (see below) are being designated for this. We are also building out the inside of the trailers to hold our uniforms, equipment, and instruments. Stop by the trailers at competitions and see the progress. If you would like to make a donation to assist the band with this, please click on the "Donate" button below.  Your generous donation is appreciated!

The Dixie Heights High School Band Boosters rely on fundraising and the generosity of our community to help pay expenses. We are currently raising money to build out and customize the inside and outside of our two new trailers. Our band has over 100 members and the two trailers allow us to haul instruments, props and uniforms in an organized, clean and safe environment. We gratefully accept donations, which are completely tax deductible. Please consider donating today by using the convenient PayPal button below.




Send any important news, questions or comments to the band Web Master webmaster@eyeswithpride.net